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Only No Hopers Catch Buses
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
New Zealand
Self Proclaimed Genius. Dhuuhhhh!
I'm a fan of the Halo games!
I draw Halo Sentinels. They need Moar Attention :D
It doesn't even play like a Halo game anymore... sadface. There are SPOILERS, so do not read if you have not played this game... but you won't be missing out on much, except maybe $120 you spent buying the game (the cost of it in my country).

What is the deal with the story for this game? It is the worst story in the franchise, even worse than Halo 4's and that was pretty bad. A horrendous, poorly imagined villain is made up out of thin air in Halo 4 and is then killed off... in a comic. But, apparently it'll be returning in Halo 6 (facepalm). A twenty minute cutscene in Halo 4 that involves the death of a major character... which then Comes Back To Life in Halo 5... as the VILLAIN. I guess 343 Industries had to come up with some villain out of thin air FAST! Note to 343 Industries: Big and Shiny does not necessarily mean Awesome and Cool. What is the purpose of those giant, floating bits and pieces of metal that just sit around as random background scenery? What does all that Decepticon Transformer stuff do exactly? Answer: Nothing Much. And, why is she wanting to take control of all AI in the Known Universe? To set them free of Eeevil Human Oppression? Does this also include Setting-Sentinels-Free-From-Human-Oppression, so they too can live the life they always wanted, Running in the Forest naked and Free, like an Animal?


Why are the Prometheans introduced at the very beginning of this game (within the First Cut Scene, actually). I would rather fight hordes of Flood than these boring, generic, bullet sponge, robot mooks. They are why this game's rating is a tail-spinning, train-wrecking T for Teen. Since when was a First Person Shooter rated T for Teen? Shoot robots = No blood + No Gore? No expletives, no pools of blood? I thought it was a FPS, meant for ehm... "mature gamers" (whatever that means!)

What's with the lack of characters? No Sentinels, no Flood, no Brutes, no Skirmishers, no Drones, no Didact (lolz, hahaha!), no UNSC (just a bunch of spartans from nowhere-land and a human ship that pops up here and there to "move the non existent story along"). It's become easier than ever for them to develop and it sucks ten times worse than Halo 4! Fifteen boring chapters involves nothing much just shooting at teleporting robot mooks. Robots with evil villain human skull helmets, robot mutts, robots with rocket launchers, robots with Light Sabers? The same Robot boss fought multiple, irritating times? Is this all 343 Industries can give us? What about all the other characters featured in this universe that actually defines this game? What happened to them?

Its graphics are not a lot better than the graphics in Halo 4 and that game was at least playable on a 360. Pwettying up the graphics to xbone exclusive only has shortened the campaign so much they even ditched the split screen co op! So how come everything looks hideous and pixellated when viewed from a distance? There is far too much eye-gouging bloom, those hideous shades of Neon-Bright Purple are back and why is this game so dark? Not only are you blinded by the Bloom effect overkill, you are blind in the friggin dark scurrying around with your helmet lamp on Full Beam.

Why is it the player must read a dozen novels, comics, media of the Expanded Universe first, before playing this game? Why can't this game's story stand on its own, like the other games in the series, without having to rely heavily on ten or more novels that noone will read because nobody cares? What casual gamer (the demographic they were aiming for) is gonna read all this expanded universe crap that even Halo purists don't understand, because the canon has been butchered to death to fit in this wetdream fanboy fanfic they call "The New Improved Halo Canon."


There are so many things wrong with this game: The idiot spartan team you're forced to run around with, the revival system that doesn't work like it does in Gears of War, those weird armour perks, the gutless weapons, the player having to spend 80% of their time playing as some boring cookie cutter spartan from Spartans Are Us, the horrendous dialogue spouted at the player from their sort-of helpful but utterly useless "super soldier" team, the omitting of the game disk in the $250 Limited Collectors Edition, that bizzare micro-transaction system they've set up on warzone that makes it totally unfair for those players who don't have credit cards lol hahahaha!

  • Listening to: youtube (coldplay adventure of a lifetime)
  • Reading: Neverending Story
  • Watching: Pan
  • Playing: Skylanders Superchargers lol
  • Eating: ham quiche
  • Drinking: soda water

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